A call to action!

Main Idea

Tackling a huge establishment like the US education system is daunting, but it is straight forward to have a significant an impact at a local level. The laws require that parents have visability into local systems, and many members of school districts are elected officials by you and your community.


Parents and communities must work together. First locally, through supplemental home and study hall teaching with high quality computer-based instruction and activities, then increasing teacher effectiveness and effective teacher retention by showing tangible appreciation to effective teachers, and informing principals of both good and bad teacher habits, insist on principal and school district accountability to the children and community, and finally act on the state and federal level for all children by writing to your congressmen and senators demanding them to change outdated harmful educational policies. New polices should require neurobiology training and a contract to "DO NO HARM" for all teachers and therapists dealing with learning disabilities. We hope that parents will not allow their visual-right brained children be labeled disabled or treated as inferior and target for bullies. Parents need to recognize that very strong right or left thinking sometimes leads too little left-right brain or sensory integration that requires special training. Hopefully, parents of strong right or left brain children will seek out integrated pathway training that is appropriate for their child. If we learn from the approaches of the effective nations, streamlined regulation procedures and effective blended teaching has the capability of improving academic outcomes while reducing costs by 20-30%. Our voice and vote needs to count on this important topic.