Welcome to our Brain Cardio Fun and Games for Kids, 3 to 103.

For Kids

Read Along Books and Songbooks

Read-Along Songbooks: a delightful way to build your reading skills.

Tell-Me-A-Story Picture and Book of Pictures Develop your creative thinking and writing, by writing your own stories with these fanciful pictures.

Read-Along Math Rap Songs to build your math skills.

Read-Along Phonics Storybooks to build your phonics and reading skills.

Read-Along Storybook Classics to build your vocabulary and love of reading. (Beatrix Potter Collection)

Read-Along Nursery Rhymes to build your phonics skills and love of words.

Letter and Number Fun

Letter Sounds, Letter Sound Songs, Word Building, and Alpha Animals to build your phonics skills.

Learn to print Small Letters, Capital Letters, and Numbers animations.

Math, Memory, and Strategy Games for Everyone:

Battleship, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Sudoku, Sudoku for Beginners (4x4), Sudoku Jr (6x6), Snakes & Ladders, Tick Tac Toe, Yahtz 'A Dice, Picture Challenges:
, , , Concentration Challenges:
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I Know How You Feel - Games for People with Emotion Blindness, Alexithymia.

About Face - Games for People with Face Blindness, Prosopagnosia.

More are coming online daily. Enjoy expanding your brain and skills.