Wonder Bottles


These bottles inexpensively provide endless fun. These bottles can be enjoyed like for their creative motion, or double as bowling pins, obstacles, goals, etc...

AGE: 3 and up

What's needed

All sizes of soft-drink bottles, with labels removed


sand or gravel

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

Food coloring

Small decorations: sparkles, sequins, buttons, small shells, tiny pebbles

Colorful duck tape and/or crazy glue

Let's make it

Kids fill bottles 1/2 to 2/3 full with water. Add food coloring with eye dropper. Add decorations to water.

Adult adds oil. Then screw caps on tightly. Seal cap with seal with crazy glue or tape. For tape, place one piece of tape over the neck of the bottle, over the cap across the opposite neck of the bottle. Place a second piece of tape around the first going in the direction of the cap twist. Smooth tape.

How easy or how hard it is to knock bottles down depends on two things: how close the bottles are to each other, and how heavy or light they are. To make the bottles heavier, add water, sand, or gravel. How much material will affect the weight and ease in falling over.

Wonder Bottle Games

Wonder Bottle Bowling;      Wonder Bottle Weave;      Wonder Bottle Leap;      Wonder Bottle Obstacle Course;      Wonder Bottle Free Play;      Wonder Bottle Ring Toss;      Spin Around the Wonder Bottle;      Wonder Bottle Run;      Wonder Bottle Stumble;      Wonder Bottle Stilt Walk ;      Wonder Bottle Soccer ;     

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