Tray Bubbles

Consider having children wear safety glasses, because the bubbles break close to their faces.

What's needed


bubble solution

Let's make it

Give each child a straw. Pour 1 tablespoon of bubble solution onto the baking tray in front of each child. Tell the children to put one end of the straw into the bubble solution and blow through the other end. With practice, children can make bubbles bigger than dinner plates. They can also make bubbles inside bubbles and bubble trains. If a child is having trouble getting a bubble started, swirl the solution around until a small bubble forms. Then the child can pierce the small bubble with the straw and blow slowly.

Recipes - Activity Supplies

Clays, Doughs, and Slimes
Glue and Paste
Natural Flavored Extracts
Natural Food Coloring
Wood, Fabric, and Other Materials

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