Sensory Rice & Peas

What's needed

2 cup rice

1/2 cup yellow or green spilt peas and/or small beans like Navy Beans

Natural food coloring

Natural flavored extracts

Let's make it

Pour two cups of rice into a container with a secure lid, adding a decent amount of coloring and extract, shaking it up until all the coloring is thoroughly mixed. Add more coloring if needed. Place rice between 2 sheets of paper towels to press it dry or in the sun to dry out a little before playing. Add peas and beans. Repeat if desired for next color and rice.

Homemade Materials

Recipes - Activity Supplies

Clays, Doughs, and Slimes
Glue and Paste
Natural Flavored Extracts
Natural Food Coloring
Wood, Fabric, and Other Materials

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