Papier-Mache Maracas

Here children have a chance to link art and music. The patterns they paint on their maracas are most interesting.

What's needed

cardboard tubes from rolls of toilet paper or paper towels


papier-mache paste

large, dry lima beans

small balloons

paints and paintbrushes

masking tape

acrylic gloss and brush (optional)

Let's make it

Cover your work area with newspaper. Cut the cardboard tubes into 3-inch lengths. Blow up the balloons to the size of large lemons. Tie the ends. Tape each balloon to a length of cardboard tube. This is the frame of the maraca. Cut the newspaper into small strips (6 inches by 2 inches). Dip the newspaper into the papier-mache paste, and apply to the form of the maraca. Cover the entire form of the maraca, except the very tip of the balloon. Let dry and apply a second coat of newspaper and papier-mache paste. Let the second layer dry. Pop the balloon. Insert several dry lima beans. Cover the hole with newspaper and papier-mache paste layers. Let dry. Paint and seal with acrylic gloss, if desired.

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