Supplies for Fun Activities to Build Sensory, Social, and Executive Function Skills


Bubbles;     Clays, Doughs, and Slimes;     Glue and Paste;     Natural Flavored Extracts;     Natural Food Coloring;     Paint;     Wood, Fabric, and Other Materials

[Gluten-free Cornstarch Sources;    Gluten-free Brown and White Rice Flour]


Bubble Recipes

Corn Syrup Bubble Solution;     Gelatin Bubble Solution;     Glycerin Bubble Solution;     Honey Bubble Solution

Bubble Frames

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Frame;     Tray Bubbles;     Wire Bubble Frame;    

Clay, Dough, and Slime Recipes

Gluten-Free, Slimes

Theraputty;     Baker's Clay;     Flour Clay;     Modeling Snow;     Sand Clay;     Alum Dough;     Biscuit Dough;     Long Lasting Playdough;     Non-cook Oatmeal Playdough;     Non-cook Playdough;     Oatmeal Dough;     Peanut Butter Playdough;     Playdough;     Salt Playdough;    

Gluten-Free Recipes

Theraputty (Gluten-free);     Gluten-free Coffee Ground Clay;     Gluten-free Modeling Clay;     Gluten-free No-Bake Craft Clay;     Gluten-free Pearly Clay;     Gluten-free Playdough;     Silly Slime;    

Slime Recipes

Silly Putty;     Bouncy Slime;     Silly Slime;     Soap Slime;    

Glue and Paste Recipes

Gluten-free Papier-Mache Paste;     Glue;     Non-Paper Glue;     Paper Paste;     Papier-Mache Paste;    

Natural Food Coloring Recipes


Beet Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Cranberry Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Raspberry Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;    


Onion Skin Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Marigold Fabric Dye;     Mustard Fabric Dye;    


Spinach Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Kale Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Watercress Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;    

Blue and Purple

Blueberry Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Blackberry Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Grape Juice Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Purple Cabbage Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;    

Brown and Tan

Coffee Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Tea Food Coloring or Fabric Dye;     Walnut Shell Fabric Dye;    

Natural Flavored Extracts and Flavoring Recipes

Berry Extracts;     Citrus Extracts;     Mint or Herb Extracts;     Vanilla Extract;     Cinnamon Extract;     Ginger Extract;     Chocolate Extract;     Coconut Extract;     Almond Extract;     Toasted Nut Extracts;    

Paint Recipes


Cold Cream Face Paint;     Edible Egg-Yolk Paint for Baking;     Edible Finger Paint;     Flour Fingerpaint;     Flour-Based Poster Paint;     Shortening Face Paint;    


Gluten-free Cornstarch Fingerpaint;     Gluten-free Cornstarch Paint;     Gluten-free Milk Paint;     Gluten-free Transparent Finger Paint;     Gluten-free Window Paint;    

Wood, Fabric, and Other Sensory Projects


Balance Beam;     Balance Board;     Belly Board;    


Crash Pad;     Fabric Tube;     Floating Scarves;     Bean Bags;    


Bells;     Bolt Chime;     Guitars;     Kazoo;     Musical Sticks;     Papier-Mache Maracas;     Plunker;     Shaker;     Small Drums;     Tambourine;     Tambourines;     Wood Instruments;     Wrist Bells;     Xylophone;    

Miscellaneous Sensory

Sensory Rice & Peas;     Write-Draw Surface;     Wonder Bottles;     Ball pit;     Hoops;     Rings;     Ornamental Frosting;     Salt Glitter;     Sidewalk Chalk;     Raised Letters and Shapes;     Hummingbird Food;    


Help yourself to our health, environment and budget friendly recipes for activity supplies. The main ingredients are the categories are the items listed to the right.

Our Family Task List details daily and weekly tasks with the age most people are ready to perform them. Follow the suggestions to make it happen.