Fabric Tube

It's amazing how just a few yards of knit cotton tubing can provide so much fun and so many benefits!

AGE: 3 and up

What's needed

4 yards�knit jersey tubing fabric

2 Hula hoops

Let's make it

Secure a hula hoop at each end of the tubing. To do this, fold a few inches of tubing over a hoop. Either sew a hem around the hoop, or make a hem with six diaper pins. (To make getting into the tunnel more challenging for the child� and the preparation easier for you�forget the hula hoops.)

? Needle and strong thread, or 12 diaper pins


Stretch one end of the tube over a big piece of resistive lycra/ nylon, or over the mouth of a barrel to extend the play.

ma Becker of New Jersey says,"l de a big fabric tunnel for my son :limb' through. Go to the sale tion at the fabric store and don't ?ry about the colors. I used four erent textured fabrics�taffeta, ?ce, bumpy cotton, and duroy�and sewed them ether, selvage to selvage, with seams on the outside.These rics are not so stretchy, so a 6- or-2ar-old may be too big to get >ugh, but they work well for a schooler. (I always think that the tured fabrics would be nice for a chwork quilt for a blind person.) hide stuff in the tunnel, and he to come out the other end with items, so he gets lots of prioceptive and tactile input at same time. He loves it."

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