Crash Pad

Storage and fun.

What's needed

extra pillows, blankets, mattress pads, comforters, and sleeping bags currently in storage

any 2 of: 2 sheets, duvet or futon cover

Let's make it

There are going to be 2 layers of covering around the storage/crash pad. The outer one will get washed frequently. The inner holds all the pieces together. If using sheets, place outer layers together and sew along the three edges to make an envelope. Turn the envelope right side out. Attach closure mechanism (tie, buttons, zipper, Velcro). Stuff the inner liner with all unused bedding, even unused clothing, but nothing hard or sharp. Close. Put top cover on making certain the closure side of the inner liner goes in first. When you need something, just open up a grab it out. Have fun jumping and crashing.

Recipes - Activity Supplies

Clays, Doughs, and Slimes
Glue and Paste
Natural Flavored Extracts
Natural Food Coloring
Wood, Fabric, and Other Materials

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