Pipe Cleaner Bubble Frame

Science becomes fun with this rectangular but flexible frame. Not only can children blow bubbles, they can manipulate the shape of the frame and thus the bubble film. Outdoors, children can make gigantic frames by using dowels, long lengths of heavy string, and large plastic containers (to hold the bubble solution).

What's needed

2 pipe cleaners per child

12-inch of string per child

shallow rectangular pans filled with bubble solution

Let's make it

Tie one end of a length of string to one end of a pipe cleaner. Tie the other end of the string to one end of the second pipe cleaner. Repeat on the other ends of the pipe cleaners with the second string. The resulting bubble frame is a rectangular shape with pipe cleaners at the top and bottom and string on both sides. Place the bubble frame into the rectangular pan of bubble solution. Allow the bubble solution to soak into the string. Remove the frame from the solution and play with it. Twist, contort, and compress the frame. The bubble solution does amazing things. If children get their hands very soapy, they can pass their hands through the bubble film on the frame.

Natural food coloring

Cranberries produce a range of colors from poppy to dusty rose, onion skins tone silk lime and ochre, beet stalks boil into muted moss, and pomegranates dissolve into a shade of sun-bleached violet.

Dipping the cloth in vinegar before dyeing turns some colors into their pastel complement and makes others more intense.

Materials for making dye: aluminum or stainless steel pots (color will vary in different pots), strainer, potato masher, large spoons, measuring spoons

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