Bouncy Slime

It bounces! It rolls! It picks up the print from newsprint! It is fun!

What's needed

1/2 cup white school glue

1/4 cup liquid starch

Natural food coloring

Natural flavored extracts

Let's make it

Mix the ingredients in a container. Knead until smooth. If it is too sticky, add a bit more starch. If it does not flow, add a bit more glue. This fluid does not last when stored. Use it the day you make it.


Most bubble solutions should be made days ahead, preferably one week ahead, of the day you plan to use them. Keep bubble solutions at room temperature. Use distilled water whenever possible. The size of the bubbles depends on such factors as humidity and air circulation. Also, the rule seems to be that less is more where bubbles are concerned. The less soap used, the bigger the bubbles. If bubbles are made indoors, watch out for slippery floors by the end of the project.

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