Balance Beam

This beam can be used in two configurations. When the fulcrom is placed sideways in the center of the beam (A), your child will balance the beam to prevent it from tipping. When 3 bases are spaced along the length of the beam (3), the beam can be walked.

What's needed

6 feet 2�x6� lumber �beam� for beginners


8 feet 2�x4� lumber �beam�

2 pieces 8�x1�x1� lumber �brace�

1 pieces 6� 1�x1�, 2�x4�, or 4�x4� lumber �fulcrum�

3 pieces 6� 2�x4� lumber �base�

4 #8-2� woodscrews

2 6� pieces Velcro


Let's make it

When doing this project be safe; read and follow the safety guidelines in your power tool manuals, measure twice, cut once, etc.

Cut and sand all lumber smooth. Attach the 8�x1�x1� lumber brace to the bottom of either end of the beam with 2 woodscrews apiece 1inch from the edge. Attach one side of the Velcro on the top of 2 of the bases with one inch nails. Attach the other side of the Velcro next to the braces attached to the beam to hold the bases steady against the beam.

Start with 1� fulcrum and increase as your child gains skill. When walking the beam, start with the beam on the floor without the bases, then with the bases parallel to the braces, and finally with the bases parallel to the beam. Start by holding your child's hand, then no support but crash pad or bean bag chairs for safe falls. Your child's body must stay balanced enough to keep the board's edges from touching the ground and to keep from falling off the board.

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