Wood, Fabric, and Other Sensory Projects


Balance Beam; Balance Board; Belly Board;


Crash Pad; Fabric Tube; Floating Scarves; Bean Bags;


Bells; Bolt Chime; Guitars; Kazoo; Musical Sticks; Papier-Mache Maracas; Plunker; Shaker; Small Drums; Tambourine; Tambourines; Wood Instruments; Wrist Bells; Xylophone;

Miscellaneous Sensory

Sensory Rice & Peas; Write-Draw Surface; Wonder Bottles; Ball pit; Hoops; Polyethylene Hoops; Rings; Ornamental Frosting; Salt Glitter; Sidewalk Chalk; Raised Letters and Shapes; Hummingbird Food;

Recipes - Activity Supplies

Clays, Doughs, and Slimes
Glue and Paste
Natural Flavored Extracts
Natural Food Coloring
Wood, Fabric, and Other Materials

Our Family Task List details daily and weekly tasks with the age most people are ready to perform them. Follow the suggestions to make it happen.