My child has learning challenges. What can I do?


It can be scary or a relief to initially get a diagnosis. You have already traveled a challenging road, now you and your child can learn skills to make things smoother.

Learning challenges, ADHD, and ASD are learning and thinking differences that are a mixed blessing. With proper support, a person can enjoy the benefits without the challenges becoming a disability. But it requires knowledgeable parents/mentors that address the medical issues and explicitly teach missing skills and understandings. In most cases the challenges are due to the interaction of normal variation of brain architecture and immune genes and a less compatible environment.

Here is what is expected on average from birth to 20 months, and 2 to 5 years. Consistently behind or ahead indicates a need for support in that area. Behind suggests a learning challenge. Ahead suggests giftedness. Frequently, a child will have areas of learning challenges and giftedness. Both can lead to behavior issues if not properly understood and addressed. Now, it is time to become a detective and advocate.

Knowledgeable parents are excellent identifiers of challenges and giftedness in their children. Knowledgeable parents are also excellent providers of intervention and support.

Early, birth to six years, intervention and support is key. It promotes optimal development in all children. Far more challenges will be out grown with support, than without. Insist on a least minimum number of tests, and continue on a healthy program.

Hallmarks of learning disabilities, giftedness, and behavior issues are sensory and immune challenges that effect learning both negatively and positively and alter behavior. Little realized, roughly 35% of gifted children have sensory and immune challenges. Kids with these challenges are also often visual and kinetic learners, so at odds with a verbal teaching style.

Now for the detective work.

Developmental Warning Signs

Sensory, Social & Emotional, Cognitive-Thinking, Gross Motor, Fine Motor